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Monthly Market Update

The Monthly Market Update is part of our ongoing commitment to investor education and research. These posts often spark discussion and provide insight into our perspective on current financial markets and economic events.

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Most Recent Update

June 2024 Monthly Market Update

The post-COVID economic recovery has been notably uneven, often described as “K-shaped”, due to the divergence in economic realities for Americans. Those with substantial assets and high incomes have largely done well. Homeowners with low mortgage rates and no need to take on debt have been insulated from higher interest rates. Strong stock market returns […]

January 2016 Economic Dashboard

  Price movements by stocks and oil have continued their symbiotic relationship into the New Year.   Stocks and oil prices moved in tandem a record 35% of the trading days in 2015.  That ratio jumped to 68% in January.   It’s difficult to imagine the US has become a global oil power and that our fortunes […]

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December 2015 Economic Dashboard

  US stocks barely registered any gains for 2015.  Headwinds, ranging from increasing interest rates, a stronger US dollar and the big drop in oil prices, had detrimental effects on US stocks.  Specifically, a record 35% of the trading days this year saw the price of oil and the S&P500 index decline in tandem, as […]

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November 2015 Economic Dashboard

    The terror attacks in Paris and San Bernardino are stark reminders the global war on terror is not receding and will remain with us indefinitely.  Stock markets around the world rallied after Paris in a show of resilience that commerce will not be knocked off balance by the terror risk.   Readers will […]

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October 2015 Economic Dashboard

October 2015 Dashboard US stocks staged their strongest monthly rally in four years in October, as corporate earnings have mostly surprised on the upside and, later in the month, the Fed raised the prospect of increasing short-term interest rates in December. We have been jilted at the altar of late by the Fed (see: September […]

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September 2015 Economic Dashboard

September 2015 Economic Dashboard In an effort to help spur spending and economic growth, The Federal Reserve has intentionally held short term interest rates near 0% dating back to the financial crisis in 2008. Many Fed watchers expected a small increase in the rate at its September 17 meeting, but the Fed decided otherwise. They […]

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August 2015 Economic Dashboard

August 2015 Economic Dashboard We hope your summer is going well, even as the volatile market since late July has put a damper on the season. Stocks suffered their worst month in August in over five years over worries about China’s growth and ongoing debates about the Federal Reserve’s first interest rate hike since 2006. […]

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July 2015 Economic Dashboard

July 2015 Economic Dashboard So, will the Federal Reserve raise short-term interest rates in September or wait until closer to the end of the year? Given the uneven economic data, collapse in commodity prices (often a sign of weaker economic growth ahead) and slowdown in China, will the Fed pull the trigger sooner or later? […]

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June 2015 Economic Dashboard

Special Edition Economic Dashboard: Fourth of July Index This year marks the fifth installment of our Fourth of July Index. Total cost this year came down by $1.52 due to gasoline being $0.66 per gallon cheaper. However, excluding the tank of gas, the total cost of food and supplies was $8.38 higher, an 8.8% increase. […]

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May 2015 Economic Dashboard

For the second time in two years, and the third time since the end of the Great Recession, first quarter inflation-adjusted gross domestic product (GDP) contracted. The Commerce Department reported in April that first quarter GDP grew at a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 0.2%, but with its first revision in May, it now reports […]

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April 2015 Economic Dashboard

“Sell in May and go away” is one of Wall Street’s oldest clichés. The basis of this statement is that the market tends to go in a sideways pattern or even decline before resuming its upward path sometime in October. In fact, August and September have the poorest record for performance of any month in […]

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