CNBC Financial Advisor 100 List

#1 on the CNBC Financial Advisor 100 List

The CNBC Financial Advisor 100 Awards are prestigious awards that honor the top 100 financial advisors in the United States. Winners are chosen based on a variety of factors, including their compliance record, assets under management, and revenue growth. Receiving a CNBC Financial Advisor 100 Award is a major accomplishment and is a testament to an advisor’s expertise and success. Woodley Farra Manion is honored to be ranked #1 on the 2022 CNBC Financial Advisor 100 List.

What This Means to Us

While the basis of what we do as advisors is transactional, the relationships that we share with our clients extend far beyond buying and selling positions in a portfolio. Being able to share this achievement with the very people that have entrusted us with planning their financially independent future is a great privilege. We are honored by this recognition and strive to continually demonstrate our firm’s core values of integrity, approachability, and transparency as we serve our clients and community.

How Does CNBC Make Their Selection?

CNBC began by analyzing an array of key data from AccuPoint Solutions’ proprietary database of registered investment advisors. From an initial list of almost 40,000 RIA firms, they crafted a shortlist (relatively speaking) of 914 firms that met CNBC’s proprietary criteria. CNBC then gathered more details with an extensive email survey sent to each qualifying firm, who in turn completed a comprehensive application and provided a full prospectus of their practice.

CNBC authenticated each firm’s data and cross-checked that information with the SEC regulatory database. AccuPoint once again administered CNBC’s proprietary criteria to further refine the list and create the final ranking of the top 100 firms.

CNBC Halftime Report: Woodley Farra Manion ranked #1 Financial Advisor

George Farra, Woodley Farra Manion principal, joins the ‘Halftime Report’ to share some of the investment strategies that helped his firm reach the number one ranking on CNBC’s Financial Advisors 100 list.

Woodley Farra Manion team holding number 1 foam fingers

A Record of Success

Woodley Farra Manion first entered the FA 100 in 2020, debuting at #19 in the second year in which CNBC assembled its annual ranking. A financial advisor’s appearance anywhere on the list is significant, but a Top 20 placement is truly special, as it places the firm in the top 2% of financial advisors on an already short list of rarified contenders. Our firm climbed two more spots in 2021, as well. This appearance at the top of the 2022 list marks three consecutive years in which Woodley Farra Manion has been recognized for performing better than nearly all of the 40,000 firms that CNBC begins looking at each year—a mark of excellence for which we will continue to strive in the years to come.

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