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Investment Management

Research consistently supports our assertion that the best way to achieve a competitive total return with downside risk protection—which is our goal, always—is to invest in a diversified portfolio of large, well-established, value-oriented stocks. Our portfolio management team of analysts continuously researches and reviews the market to discover top-performing companies that will help our clients realize solid returns.

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Investment Management

What Is Woodley Farra Manion’s Stock Selection Process?

Our model portfolios are constructed using a disciplined stock selection that involves fundamental, quantitative, technical, and economic criteria.


Examine a company’s financial and competitive health


Analyze a company’s stock valuation using several proprietary formulas


Identify trends in supply and demand for the stock under review


Analyze economic trends and their potential effect on a company’s valuation

Woodley Farra Manion’s Portfolios

Our research-based portfolio management team has provided nearly three decades of competitive returns while protecting against much of the downside risk inherent in a stock portfolio. We look for companies that represent as many industries as attractive valuations can be found in a focused and diversified portfolio constructed without the over-diversification many managers pursue. Our approach is built upon four principles:

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Our client portfolios are invested exclusively in 25–30 individual securities, which are safely held with a third-party custodian.

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The goal of our screening process is to find undervalued companies. We run potential companies through specific, proprietary filters to find statistically inexpensive stocks.

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Firm portfolios contain large, well established companies. We only invest in stocks with a market value of $1 billion or greater, and we do not invest in futures, options, or other derivatives.

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Dividend yields are an objective characteristic of undervalued companies. These are a significant contributor to the total return of a portfolio and can provide both a good inflation hedge and stability in declining markets.

What Is the Minimum Required to Invest with Woodley Farra Manion?

At Woodley Farra Manion, we understand that financial situations can vary greatly, so we have waived a minimum investment amount. We believe in building lasting relationships and providing personalized solutions that align with your unique goals and needs.

Why Should I Invest with Woodley Farra Manion?

Most advisors outsource investment management by selecting mutual funds, ETFs, and other investment vehicles that add additional fees, but Woodley Farra Manion purchases individual stocks based on our own in-house, independent research. We also take an approach that is designed to reduce risk and keep your money safe over a long term.

Are There Fees to Work with Woodley Farra Manion?

We pride ourselves on fee transparency, and we only charge fees for our investment management services. Our clients receive an invoice each quarter that clearly outlines the value of their accounts, the manner in which the fee is calculated, and the total fee charged.

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What Is Included in the Free Retirement Readiness Review?

To effectively manage a client’s portfolio, we need to have a clear vision of their objectives. Our primary objective in the Retirement Readiness Review is to help clients assess their current financial landscape, identify long-term goals, and determine how we can best assist them in attaining those goals. Crafting and managing this plan with our clients is included in our investment management fee. 

As in portfolio management, our role as a fiduciary carries over to financial planning—and we continue to put the needs of our client first. Our firm uses a basic questionnaire, which provides key information we enter into our financial planning software, that normally takes about 30 minutes to complete and is provided before the introductory meeting. The follow-up analysis and discussion of the results takes approximately 30 minutes, as well—so the entire process takes about an hour.

Every journey begins with the first step. We’re ready to join yours.