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Markets go up. Markets go down. Patience and perseverance are essential to a sustained and successful journey. Along the way, we keep time with Monthly Market Updates and other essential observations

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Traditional versus Roth: Which Retirement Account Maximizes Portfolio Value

A common question among investors is, “Should I contribute money to a Traditional or Roth retirement account?” If the investor isn’t constrained by contribution or tax-deductibility limits, the correct answer is strictly determined by which marginal income tax bracket they’re in now and which tax bracket they expect to be in when making future withdrawals […]

Over 73? Here is what you need to know about RMDs

What is a Required Minimum Distribution? A RMD represents the minimum amount that an account holder must withdraw from certain retirement accounts. Anybody with a Traditional IRA, SEP, SIMPLE IRA, or employee-sponsored retirement plan that has reached the age of 73 is required to take a minimum distribution from their account. RMDs exist, more or […]

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