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Donald F. Woodley, CFA

“Taking care of clients is a big motivation for me to get out of bed every day. They rely on me—and I appreciate that. We exist to help our clients decide what to buy, and when. Don’t sell when the market’s down. It always comes back up.”

About Donald

After graduating from Indiana University with a B.S. in Finance, Don worked as a stockbroker before joining the trust department of a bank for a number of years. He was a senior vice president at a smaller investment firm before founding Woodley Farra Manion with his partner, George Farra, in 1995. He is a Chartered Financial Analyst.

In addition to his steadfast immersion in the markets, Don is an avid connoisseur and collector of fine wine. “I've got a wine cellar,” Don says, “and every time I get a case or two, I have to move things around and organize them by country and vintage. My dad brought me up on old world wines, French and Italian, and I've come to like Spanish wines, as well.”

His approach to wine appreciation could be said to mirror his investment management philosophy, with a preference for moving beyond the obvious and searching to find the hidden gems. “I don't buy a lot of the wines advertised in the magazines,” he says. “I buy wines that I've tasted. A lot of them have come home with me when I've gone to Europe. I've actually been to the winery and tasted the wines and talked to the winemakers.”


BS in Finance from Indiana University Chartered Financial Analyst


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