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As debt grows among older Americans, so does bankruptcy
CNBC; 9/5/18
“The share of bankruptcy filers who are older than 65 is the highest it’s ever been.” Click on the link to learn more about what you can do to help avoid this situation. It is never too late!



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Amazon Hits $1,000,000,000,000 in Value, Following Apple
NY Times; 9/4/18
“Amazon captures 49 cents of every e-commerce dollar in the United States… It sells everything from computing space to peanut butter to appointments with plumbers. But the thing it has always sold the most – to investors, customers, the new media – is excitement.”



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Here’s How the U.S.-Mexico Trade Deal Would Differ From Nafta
Bloomberg; 8/27/18
“There’s still lots of work to be done — the administration is calling the deal with Mexico a preliminary agreement in principle…”

U.S. to Pay Farmers $4.7 Billion to Offset Trade-Conflict Losses
The Wall Street Journal; 8/27/18
“The Trump administration pledged to pay farmers $4.7 billion to offset losses from trade disputes with foreign buyers of U.S. agricultural products… Industry groups say the payments are insufficient to make up for what farmers lost due to tariffs.”

Strong Consumption Is Breathing New Life Into Retail Stocks
The Wall Street Journal; 8/23/18
“U.S. consumer sentiment is so strong that it’s even boosting shares of left-for-dead retailers… Consumers are spending at a much faster pace than inflation, renewing investors’ confidence in traditional retailers despite threats post by e-commerce.”

Fed Holds Rates Steady and Stays on Track for June Increase
The New York Times; 5/2/18
“The Federal Reserve held interest rates steady at the conclusion of its two-day policy meeting on Wednesday and acknowledged rising inflation, but it gave little indication that officials are worried about a sudden, rapid escalation in prices or an abrupt slowdown in economic growth that could alter its gradual pace of rate increases.”

Why the Next 9 Days Are So Critical for the U.S. Economy
Bloomberg; 4/26/18
“Data released over the next nine days could show both accelerating prices and pay, like pieces of a data puzzle clicking into place. Other major economic headlines will bring key news for the central bank, from a Treasury refunding to bellwether earnings reports. Here’s what to watch as the Fed closes in on a milestone that will make it a rarity in the post-crisis world: a monetary authority that has hit all of its targets on the nose.”
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