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Dividend Portfolio

Portfolio risk management is performed in much the same manner as stock selection, relying on fundamental, quantitative, technical and economic analysis on an ongoing basis. We also take an approach that is designed to reduce risk and keep your money safe over a long term.

When the market takes a tumble, we have found that our approach has been more successful – over the long term – than an asset allocation approach that is better in theory than in practice.


The Dividend Portfolio seeks to provide clients with higher income than currently offered by traditional fixed income alternatives, such as bank deposits and U.S. Treasury Bonds.

Multi-Discipline Stock Research Process

The Dividend Portfolio is comprised of a diverse group of public companies with higher-than-average dividend yields. The goal of the Dividend Portfolio is to provide clients with higher income than offered by current bond yields, with an opportunity to grow their income annually, plus capture the potential appreciation associated with owning common stocks.

Portfolio Characteristics

  • Individual securities
  • Larger, established companies
  • Proven financial strength
  • Higher dividend yields
  • Long track record of increasing dividends