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Core Portfolio

Portfolio risk management is performed in much the same manner as stock selection, relying on fundamental, quantitative, technical and economic analysis on an ongoing bases. We also take an approach that is designed to reduce risk and keep your money safe over a long term.

When the market takes a tumble, we have found that our approach has been more successful – over the long term – than an asset allocation approach that is better in theory than in practice.


The Core Value Portfolio seeks to provide clients with a portfolio based on competitive total return and downside risk protection. As value investors, the firm’s general philosophy centers around identifying strong companies that are trading at prices below what the firm believes are their full, intrinsic values. Dividend paying companies are a fundamental anchor in the Core Portfolio.

Portfolio Overview

We invest in public companies that are trading at attractive prices relative to what we have determined are fair market values. We observe multiple financial ratios and statistics in search of deviations from historic averages.

Portfolio Characteristics

  • Individual securities
  • Well-established companies
  • Market capitalization above $1 billion
  • Low turnover